Buyer Consultant Services

Exclusive Buyer Representation:

The purchase of a Property is one of the largest investment decisions that anyone will make in their lifetime.

Most people desire not to make this decision alone. Some will choose to use the Listing Agent of the property, only to find out that the Listing Agent is negotiating for the Seller's best interest, and not theirs. Others may try to purchase a property directly from the property owner, who is concerned about his best interests and not the Buyers. Putting them at risk, potentially losing money and/or possible litigation with the Seller.

There is another option available to you. That is DRI Real Estate Services's Exclusive Buyer Representation, providing you peace of mind that our Professional Real Estate Consultants will put your best interests first.

In most transactions the Seller pays for this service to you. Contact us for more information.


Buyers Criteria Assessment

Lender Assistance

Property Purchase Opportunity Alerts both on and off market properties

Location & Review of properties

Property Analysis

Offer Preparation

Offer Presentation & Negotiation

Post Contract Services

Inspection, Survey & Title Service Assistance

Closing Coordination

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